Future proof your IT with NeXT (big) TECHnologies

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We help you develop social media strategies & integrate your business applications with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+ apps.

Social Media
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Developing mobile-platform-specific apps and cross-platform mobile apps for your business with the use of latest mobile frameworks.

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Add quantum value to your business with our expertise in Hadoop, MapReduce, HBase, Hive, Pig, Latin and the entire Big Data ecosystem.

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Pioneers in the field of cloud computing, providing consulting, IT services, testing, training and solutions on all leading public and private clouds.

About Us

NXTech Consulting is a pioneer in the field of cloud computing, having started providing Cloud consulting, migration and trainings back in April 2011. In keeping with our mission of providing our customers with solutions and services on the NeXT big TECHnologies (hence the name NXTech), we have metamorphosed into a full-fledged SMAC-stack services company. We now provide consulting, IT services, testing, training and solutions on most of the leading platforms in Social Networking, Mobile Computing, Cloud and Big Data Analytics.

NXTech is an expert on cloud platforms such as Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine and Salesforce. Our teams have been migrating applications, infrastructure and data to these platforms for various global corporations around the world.

NXTech teams also specialise in developing mobile apps on various mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry OS and Windows Phone, as well as in creating cross-platform mobile apps using the latest mobile frameworks such as Sencha Touch, PhoneGap, Ratchet, Xamarin and Unity.

We have helped our clients leverage social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by developing platform-specific apps as well as integrating business applications with these platforms.

NXTech also specialises in helping organizations capitalise on the power of Big Data Analytics by providing expertise in Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Latin, Sqoop, and other components of the big data ecosystem.

The company is founded and led by a team of senior IT industry professionals who have worked with large, global IT services and product companies such as Infosys, TCS, Amdocs, Tech Mahindra, etc. The team is convinced that the SMAC is the next big technology landscape that will change the IT industry forever and are employing their combined 60+ years’ experience to ensure that the current skills and solutions gap between the burgeoning industry demand and the available resource pool is bridged fast.

Our Services
Latest technology skills. On-time and within budget delivery.

Social Media

• Facebook app development

• LinkedIn app development

• Messaging apps

• Mobile-Social integration

Mobile Development

• Mobile app development

• Mobilizing legacy apps

• Mobile app maintenance

• Cross-platform mobile app development


• Hadoop cluster setup

• Hadoop administration

• MapReduce programming

• HBase, Hive, Pig, Latin, Sqoop


• Migration to Cloud

• Private & Hybrid Cloud creation

• Cloud management

• Software development on Cloud

We are in the business of helping you grow your business, with the latest in IT.

Social Strategy
Over the past few years we have seen the rapid rise of social media. Ignoring it is a big mistake for any business. In an ever-changing business landscape, those who don’t move with the times end up getting left behind. We at NXTech help you develop a Social Media Strategy; we present a straightforward, step-by-step guide to get you well-started on the path to social media success. Social Platform Selection
Selecting the right social media platform brings enormous benefits to the organisation; we help you select the best social platform suitable for you organisation that will engage your customers, partners and employees to benefit your business.

Mobile Strategy
With most people now accessing applications via mobile devices, companies need a mobile strategy roadmap to successfully capitalize on mobile technology and evolving user behaviour. NXTech helps you discover, define and deliver your mobile vision and strategy–allowing your business to be accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.
Mobile platform selection
Selecting the right mobile platform is an essential part of your overall enterprise mobile strategy. We help you select the optimal client-side and server-side mobile platforms so that you can reduce your development and maintenance costs, time-to-market, and overall development efforts.

Big Data Strategy
NXTech's Big Data Strategy helps you exploit large, diverse, fast-moving data to improve business performance through new insights and enhanced intuition that improves business decision-making and better predicted outcomes.
Big Data Platform Selection
To select the most appropriate Big Data platform is a big challenge for any organisation. With our experienced team,we help organisations in selecting the most suitable Big Data platform which is ideal for your organisation in terms of data volumes to be analysed, maintenance and cost considerations. We also help you transition efficiently from traditional BI to the wonderful world of Big Data analytics.

Cloud readiness and Business Case
Your cloud should align with your business and process needs – not the other way round. A Cloud Readiness Assessment will establish your unique business requirements and a business case will align your business goals with your cloud strategy.
Migration Strategy, Roadmap & Security
A cloud migration strategy created with our help will ensure your migration to the cloud in a structured manner. The Cloud Roadmap determines project milestones and assigns ownership of tasks. Our expertise in cloud security will help you analyse the threats and create the right design and mitigation strategies to ensure your safety on the cloud.


Confidence comes from discipline and training.
Social Media
  • App development •
  • API programming •
  • Platform integration •
  • Application integration •
Mobile Development
  • • Android programming
  • • iOS development
  • • HTML 5 mobile apps
  • • Phonegap, Sencha, Ratchet
  • Hadoop setup •
  • Hadoop administration •
  • MapReduce programming •
  • HBase, Hive, etc. •
  • • Cloud Essentials
  • • PAAS Trainings
  • • Cloud Security
  • • Cloud Databases

Here's a selection of some of the happy clients NXTech has helped leverage SMAC!
Developing and re-architecting the SAAS product of this US-based company on Windows Azure using HTML5, CSS3, SQL Azure, REST APIs, SilverLight, MVC, WCF, SAML, etc.
Migrated a huge education-focused portal application of Microsoft (a client of US-based Firm Interactive), running on ASP.net, C#, SQL Server, SilverLight and MS-RPS to Windows Azure, . Developed a SAAS application on Azure for Microsoft's education team to track and analyse Azure passes.
Consulting and migration to AWS with in-depth expertise on all AWS services such as EC2, S3, RDS, RedShift, CloudFront, VPC, IAM, CloudWatch, SES, SNS, Elastic MapReduce, etc.
Conducted two hands-on Cloud workshops on Amazon Web Services for senior IT professionals in Mauritius at Cyber Tower in Ebene, the IT hub of Mauritius.
Installed, configured and rolled out a Eucalyptus-based private cloud for this large engineering college, which is a part of the prestigious MIT group of institutions.
NXTech has been providing professional IT services related to Microsoft's Windows Azure platform sinch 2011, along with significant expertise on all Microsoft technologies.
Migrated the flagship Learning Management System of this global IT company from on-premise to Windows Azure. Conducted Azure trainings for project teams.
Conducted hands-on and in-depth cloud computing training for the company's development/project management professional.
Consulting, installation, configuration, roll-out and maintenance of private clouds using this industry-leading, open-source private cloud solution.
Trained the development and infrastructure heads in cloud computing essentials and Amazon Web Services so as to cloud-enable their respective teams.
Modernised and cloud-enabled a large, 1300-page classic ASP application that runs the operations of one of the largest UK-based fleet management companies with ASP.net, C#, SQL Server, etc. Developed an integrated web and Windows-based instant messaging application with WPF, WCF, etc. Developed a cloud-based e-signature app for a UK-based luxury car dealer.
Providing cloud, mobile and Big Data trainings to various corporates, in collaboration with this established training player.
Developing a cross-platform mobile app for this US startup on the latest open-source stack with Backbone.js, Underscore.js, CoffeeScript, Python, Pylons, MongoDB and the Ratchet mobile framework.
Provided cloud consulting to this leading brokerage firm in India, to introduce its clients--large mutual fund managers--to the impact of cloud computing on the IT landscape.
Conducted cloud computing workshop for a inter-college group of over 200 students and faculty of engineering colleges in the southern state of AP.
Conducted cloud workshops for experienced IT professionals in Bangalore and Pune, with specific focus on cloud security.
Designed and developed their PayPhi payment platform on the cloud from scratch. PayPhi is now scalable, performant and available across mobile devices.
Designed and developed from scratch a complete business management application for CloudGraphic Inc, US. The application is developed and hosted on the cloud, and accessible across various devices.
Provided training to the top management (direct reports of the CEO) of this multi-billion dollar company on how to leverage the SMAC stack to gain a strategic advantage in the financial services industry.
Provided consulting on configuration and deployment of their production environment for a massively used applicaiton platform on the Amazon Web Services cloud.
Have a look at what we've been up to.
Cloud-based Chat

This instant messaging application runs on the cloud and helps employees of any organization, located anywhere communicate safely, securely and in real time, while logging all the messages and is easily integrated with any corporate intranet application seamlessly.

Cloud Trader

A one-of-its-kind, leading-edge, cloud-based stock trading application that automates the entire trading lifecycle by automatically analysing price trends using some of the most trusted Technical Analysis methodologies, ensuring a neat profit for the user, time after time.


Our Team
A company is only as strong as the team behind it. Meet our team and find out why we're passionate about what we do.

Sanjay Suryadevra has over 20 years experience in IT and has worked in senior positions for global IT companies such as TCS, Infosys, Ensim Corporation and Amdocs. A cloud evangelist, trainer and hands-on cloud programming and infrastructure expert, he has broad expertise in cloud computing, having worked on all the top cloud computing platforms.

Sanjay Suryadevra

Chief Motivator
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An IBM Certified Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect, Nilesh is a business development professional with over 14 years of experience of sales in India. He is focused on exploring opportunities where customers and prospects can leverage NXTech's deep expertise in SMAC Technologies.A Keen cricket enthusiast and a player, he is tuned in to latest cricket scores as he is to sales Stats.


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Akshay is the quiet and efficient contributor to the team with his patience and perseverance. With his expertise in JQuery, he ensures that no cloud-based software leaves the NXTech door with any glitch on the User Interface. He has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Pune University. Akshay loves going out hiking with family in search of new places.


JQuery Master
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Diving headlong into cloud-based software development is what excites Hemant. He takes shots at improving a pretty good cloud-based software product(s). He has a Masters degree in Computer Applications from the University of Pune. An excellent sketch artist, he is an automobile enthusiast who would be designing cars if the Cloud bug had not bitten.                               


Tech Linebacker
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After attaining Masters degree in Computer Application from Pune University, Swati laid her foundation of career with NXTech Consulting. With her proficiency in Asp.net, MVC, LINQ Query she delivers efficient and effective work even if under pressure. When not Programming, Swati holds her position well as a 3 pointer specialist on the basket ball court.                                                  


3 Pointer
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A Masters in Computer application from Punjab Technical University, Santosh came to Pune to fulfil his dreams of becoming a cloud programmer. NXTech gave him the platform to unleash his skills and since then he has never looked back. He also has MCSE certification. In his spare time Santosh likes to read Science Fiction books and playes cricket with his old buddies.


Silent Coder
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Ankit has a master's degree in MCA and takes pride in solving technology problems and delivering user-friendly software. Keen to adopt any new technology, he constantly looks at the new, hot trends, but only with an eye to create better solutions. When he is not focused on solving problems, Ankit heads out for nature walks, and pursuing his hobby of dance.


Dreams Fulfiller
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MCA from the University of Pune. He enjoys programming on Cloud Computing, Architectural Solutions. He is conversant with several programming languages. Ghanahshyam also pursues his passion of keyboard playing on both Computer and also Piano.


.Net Geek
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With her expertise in asp.net and web services, Aditi has completed her MCA from Pune. Always in search for learning latest technologies, she also keeps an interest in Mobile application development. She is known for her testing skills. When she is not coding, you can find her playing badminton.


Front End Developer
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